November 26, 2002
Smooth Operator

I'm down in LA this week on a recruiting trip. Trying to drum up some more business for SEB Media, my video production company. Last night, we went to Universal Studios to partake in an experience. Well it was billed as a concert, but undoubtedly it was an experience.

Beck Hansen, is the most entertaining performer I have seen on stage, I mean, Sean Keane is a close second, but he cant make robots dance.

This was i think the third time I've seen him, once at a Bridge School concert, and then again during the Midnight Vultures tour. Last night's performance has shown that he has, i guess, grown up.

The first 4 songs it was just him in front of a black curtain with an acoustic guitar, doing songs from his new album. Very soulful and powerful, you could sense that everyone in the crowd was like, “wow.’ During the next song, the curtain was lifted and his “band” (members of the Flaming Lips” appeared, the funk factor at this point went thru the roof.

Always a showman, beck constantly impressed the ladies with his moves, a la Midnight Vultures. He must have had a cocaine nosejob before the set.

Having the Flaming Lips as his backup band was a solid call and a treat for true beck aficionados. Not only did their style correlate to beck’s, but you could see their influence as many older songs were transformed into new renditions. For example, “The New Pollution,” was one that they had a hard time finding the groove, so they played it as fast as they could.

Throughout the show, the vocals were accompanied by amazing visuals, timed almost perfectly to the music. The same artist that did the album art for sea change made them. My friend brook even said that if there was a DVD of just the visuals, he would buy it, I tend to agree.

In the end I was very please with my concert experience. Beck is truly a smooth operator and the most entertaining performer. It makes me wonder why other bands are so horrible live, like weezer, man that’s 74 minutes I’ll never have back.

If you get the chance, do not miss the chance to catch beck live. Funkafest.

Posted by at November 26, 2002 10:52 AM

weezer is bad live because weezer is bad all-around. but why is elliott smith bad live? I blame the beer.

Posted by: didofoot on November 26, 2002 02:01 PM

weezer is not bad all around. cake is good live.

Posted by: michele on November 26, 2002 02:17 PM

Beck =] I'll never forget his Midnight Vultures era rendition of Debra with the flying bed.

I saw Weezer and they weren't all that bad. They did a sweet encore of Only in Dreams that knocked my socks off.

Posted by: brett on November 29, 2002 12:57 PM