November 03, 2002
How to eat a mango

I went to a film festival yesterday, and i'll probably go back today. Why? Well cause it's there, i'm bored, and frankly it makes me feel better about myself. The festival is billed as the california Independent film festival. it takes place in livermore at 4 wineries, interesting, but also only accessible to those who make the effort to go out there. To be honest, most of the films in the program are garbage, utter crap, by independednt they mean, ohh i have the money to buy a camera, BUT NOT A STINKIN' TRIPOD...or I can shoot on film, BUT NOT AFFORD A DECENT SOUND i bitter, not really, cause my expectation are just above my knees, but i say, if you cant do a great job, why do it at all...anyways, i'm about to go to todays screenings, maybe i should partake in the wine tastings, a subtle hint by the film's orginizers...

ohh did you want to actually learn how to eat a mango...don't you hate misleading titles...

(only 18 percent of the films were from california)

Posted by at November 03, 2002 10:37 AM

Hell, I don't know anything about eating a mango but that wine sure was tasty.

Posted by: brett on November 5, 2002 07:57 PM